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There are three types of claims PLP can file on your behalf: Damaged Freight, Lost Freight, and Concealed Damage Freight.

For Damaged Freight please keep damaged freight on site at either the shipper or consignee’s facility. If the carrier is going to pay your claim,
then they have the right to inspect or pick up your freight.

For Lost Freight, please notify [email protected]  as soon as you know it has not been delivered. We will put a trace out and begin the process.
Filling out the PLP Claim Form will also be necessary.

For Concealed Damages please notify the carrier within 5 days (this includes weekends) of the damage and make sure to get a Claim Number.  When
submitting the claim information to us, include the claim/exception number if issued by the carrier.

To File a Claim:

The following documents must be in hand in order for a claim to be filed with any carrier: An Original Invoice (Original vendor invoice must be the original
manufacturer’s invoice (your cost), not the invoice to your customer - the carrier must see original cost), your copy of the Delivery Receipt, and any photos
of the damage (keep photos size small for sending). 

Click below for the PLP Claim Form and follow the directions on the form:

Claim Form Here

Send all Documents via email to [email protected]

For further assistance concerning the claims filing procedures please contact [email protected] or Call us at (678) 921-8181 or

Please note:

PLP can and will only file a claim per the total claim amount as specified above. If there are any discrepancies, PLP will contact the customer to clarify those
discrepancies to make sure the total claim amount is justified. If there are adjustments that need to be made, PLP will only do so with customer authorization.
Once the claim has been submitted to the carrier, it cannot be amended so it is important that all of customer’s losses be taken into account before submitting
the claim to the carrier. This would include any damages, repairs, losses, return shipments or replacement shipments that need taken into consideration before
submitting the claim. All claims are subject to each carrier’s limitations of liability in their standard rules tariff as well as the terms and conditions laid out
in 49 USC 14706 & 49 CFR 370.

PLP is not an asset-based carrier, and therefore, any claims that are filed are between the shipper (or consignee) and the carrier. It is between those two parties to
resolve the claim, but we as a logistics company can assist with the administrative aspects of filing and negotiating claims resolutions.